Porto Vathy

Porto Vathi: The “Marble Beach” of Thassos

Porto Vathy, the verdant island of Thassos, located in the North Aegean, boasts of its lush greenery and some of the most picturesque villages, including Kastro – a village in the island’s interior where time seems to stand still. However, the island also hides many surprises regarding its beaches.

Giola, the natural pool amid fantastic stonework, is one of the most popular attractions. But for those looking to explore Porto Vathi, it should definitely be on their list.

The beach boasts of absolutely white marble pebbles that harmonize perfectly with the turquoise waters of the Aegean, creating a breathtaking and magical landscape.

Porto Vathi is located between two ancient marble quarries in the northeastern part of the island, around 7.5 km from Limenas.

It welcomes visitors with its pale white embrace, promising unforgettable summer moments in the midst of an impressive and rich pine forest that almost reaches the sea.

An earthly paradise with incredible waters, all-white pebbles, and pine trees that seem to touch the watery embrace of the Aegean awaits those who choose this coast for their summer dips.
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The peculiarity of Porto Vathi lies in the fact that the beach is covered with white marble pieces from the quarry, which, when combined with the sun and nature’s mirages, create incredible images with enchanting colors.

Visitors who have been to Porto Vathi confirm that it is one of the most amazing and diverse beaches of Thassos. The setting is unique and lends itself to countless photo opportunities.

The beach is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, and a beach bar for the convenience of its visitors.

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